The first time I met Team F5 in November, I was completely lost about how we would pull the wedding together in such a short period of time. But by the time I walked out that day I was sure if anyone could do it..it was them! And I was right. Nandita n I were so lucky to have you'll plan our dream wedding. From beginning till the end there was nothing that didn't go according to plan. So hats off to you guys for that! We both look back and remember what great fun we had without a care in the world. From other people's experience I know that its very rare to enjoy that much at your own weddings!

Thank you for making it so special.

Bhavik Vasa (Groom)

Hi Ajay, I find myself compelled to write a note of thanks after you so beautifully handled the mammoth job of planning my daughter's wedding. One of the most valuable things you take from the Army is discipline, which is a very dear virtue to me. I was extremely pleased with your meticulous approach towards everything and balancing that with a warm behavior with everyone. It was great to see things happening on time and really appreciate the way you handled your team when unforeseen things came up. That requires a great deal of discipline both on a personal and professional front. I should congratulate you on a job well done. The marriage made for some great memories to keep and one of them was having you with us.

God bless you.

Brig. (Retd.) K.K. Naik (Bride's Father)

You rock team F5... our whole world had become one big 'to-do list' before you guys took over!! And it was all worth it. People who missed it are really regretting it. I wanted my nephew's wedding to be perfect and you'll made it so. And I got all the brownie points for finding you... hahahh... Now please block your dates for my daughter's wedding whenever it will be... lol!!

Mr. Gandhi (Groom's Uncle)

Hi! We were looking at our wedding pictures the other day and it seems just like yesterday. The photographs look so lovely and lively. I think they are a testimony to how hard you guys worked at our wedding. Both my parents and in-laws received SO MANY compliments from relatives and friends about the arrangements and that's a really big deal. Thank you so much & God Bless!

Sneha&Aneesh (Bride and Groom)

Hey Ajay, we probably never mentioned this but since our marriage date was fixed back home, Malini was suddenly under a lot of stress and as much as I was trying to be a supportive fiance, whatever ideas I was contributing were being brushed off the table as not being good enough. Then I got her to meet you and funnily everything came into place - including her cool!

Those were the most amazing three days of our lives and there was no complaining! Our families are now so fond of your team that we have you on speed dial for any other upcoming weddings. No joke! And since the decision of coming to you was mine, for the first time in a long time Malini just had to admit it... it was a good idea!


Sumeet (Groom)

Just had to write this. We have been getting so many calls about the wedding it's not even funny. Even the ones who couldn't make it and saw pictures on FB are going crazy about how beautiful it looks. Actually, it was much more than beautiful. It was just perfect! As a little girl I always wanted a unique wedding and I got one.

Loads of Love

KeertiBagga (Bride)


Ajay,Purvi and the entire F5 Teamwere a brilliant match for our wedding! All we had to do was imagine a particular setting and they would execute it spectacularly.Infact in most cases they went beyond our expectations.It was all so seamless and well thought of, ensuring all our friends and family thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the wedding. Thanks to Team F5!


Karan & Mitali


F5 Weddings have an awesome vision and execution. A talented and hardworking team, special thanks to Ajay, Nandita and Simit for making my dream come true and giving great ideas

Rini ( Bride)


We had about 10 months for our wedding to go, and we were already filled with all sorts of information and suggestions from newly married couples and at this point,we got in touch with F5 Weddings who gave a method to our madness.We tried to paint a picture of our ideal wedding in the best possible way and F5 transformed this into an artwork which was loved and cherished by both our families and friends.

Avinash & Bubble ( Groom and Bride )


We would highly recomment F5 and team to anyone. Ajay and his team are truly professional dream makers. We thank them for making our dream cross cultural destination wedding a reality!Ajay even stepped in as a referee and emcee for our wedding football match.They really go above and beyond to ensure everything not only looks good but everyone has a memorable time. We could not have been happier with the service.

Shilpa ( Bride )


Ankit and I along with our families are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with F5 Weddings and letting them plan the special day for us. Ajay and his team (special mention of Purvi and Laxmi ) were extremely professional and provided quality service. They went above and beyond the call of duty. Our dream of fun wedding was made a reality by them. The output of their work was much appreciated by all present at the wedding and we were not surprised given the meticulous work they put in from the start. Most importantly F5 Weddings made us feel a part of their family, and made sure we were well taken care of. Cheers to F5 team for giving us beautiful memories. We highly recommend F5 team to anyone.

Sincere thanks and gratitude,

Raksha & Ankit


I always wanted to get married in a palace. And when Paarth and I saw Udaipur, we did not see a better location to say our " I Do ". We locked F5 Weddings almost a year in advance! And after the wedding, all we can say is that they delivered everything they promised! Destination weddings are hard to pull off. Even more so when its the first wedding of the family. We were terrified of logistics alone! But from the wedding cards to hotel to decor to checkout and everything in between, the wedding was a big hit because of Team F5. They helped us plan every little bit. Details like hotel turndown services to personalized keycards to customized boarding passes, their young and enthusiastic outlook made the wedding a grand success! Thank you F5 for being our event planners, our guides, our confidantes and more importantly -- a part of our family!


Ashka and Paarth


I would not have been able to pull off anything without them. Honestly, they are an amazing team to work with. If I had a question or if I needed something done, it would be handled immediately. Their responsiveness reassured me that our wedding would be well taken care of. They have amazing ideas. They are really dedicated to what they do. Special shout out to Nandita from F5 Team. We built a personal relationship during the course of wedding planning and I have her to thank for keeping me sane during the last few days. They gave me the fun, intimate, stunning and absolutely crazy wedding that I had always wished for. I would rcommend them to every couple getting married and personally vouch for them. I wish them all the love and luck for their future.

Zahra & Muf


Planning a wedding is tough enough...but planning a wedding abroad is 10 times harder...Thanks to F5, we were able to host a wedding with ease.Despite time zone differences we were able to communicate effortlessly. From planning, creativity and execution the team was able to fulfill dreams and wishes. Wishing F5 every success for the future.


Trishna Kumari ( Bride's friend )


It was an extremely fun and friendly affair with the team which made handling over the responsiblity of the biggest event of your life such a cake walk and must say that we were glad we did make that decision. Thank you for the amazing job ad helping us create a lifetime of beautiful memories.

Neha ( Bride )


F5 is the most friendly wedding team I have come across with. The entire team was working more like a family. I highly recommend F5 Weddings!!


Surbhi ( Groom's friend )


Even if you have never planned a wedding before, you probably have a pretty good idea of how insanely hectic it can be.Not only do you have to prepare yourself for the wedding, you have to ensure that all of your family and your future spouse's family is taken care of with finding a dress, venue, caterer etc....This is where a wedding planner comes in. A friend of mine recommended F5 Weddings to me. Utmost care is taken care by them everywhere. The hardwork and dedication of the team is very good. Nandita and her team at F5 were amazing.MADE THE WEDDING A TRULY MEMORABLE ONE.

Aashi Jain ( Bride )